Thursday, July 29, 2010

Actually: Angry Ibex

Saw this on a DVRd Soup episode tonight and fell in love!  Spent a couple seconds on YouTube and now I'm doing what therapists call "sharing."  Good for me.  Baby steps, baby steps...

Get ready to bend over and put your socks back on!  [Because the video is going to...ugh.  Nevermind] :

What makes me really happy, and strangely proud, is that I think the Ibex is convinced he's having an actual conversation. After careful observation and study, mostly late nights spent watching Bravo's randomly situated and totally real housewives, this is what he's come up with. I'm impressed! You know the other animals are like "look! He's totally doing it! Things are going to be so much better now! We're going to get chocolate and ascots!  Talking to Marky Mark got us nowhere!  It's a whole new world!  Don't you dare close your eyes!"  Etc.

Honestly: I totally like the Ibex better than that sleeveless jackwagon. [Thanks for the awesome addition to my pop-culture lexicon, R. Lee Ermey!] I've seriously never wished harder for a fence-malfunction-leads-to-shockingly-violent-yet-absolutely-deserved-and-Blogger-endorsed-Ibex-horn-enema video to be posted. My fingers and toes are totally crossed.  I might actually pray for it...though I'm going to stick with the crossed-fingers thing for a know, give it a chance to work and all.


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The Sonia Show said...

So, last week I introduced my husband to "The Soup." I had no idea he had never seen it. Seems weird to me ... Anyway, when that clip came on we giggled our asses off!

Tammy Hendricks said...

Unless "spit" comes out of the nostrils, I'm not sure that was spit. Gross. Funny, and Gross!

I love the irrelevant "relevant" picture